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This client came to me after purchasing a townhome and the rooftop is what sold her. That being said, she wanted it to be the “jewel” of her home. She envisioned mornings watching the sunrise with a cup of tea and evenings watching the sunset with a cocktail in hand. She wanted something lightweight but stable. Her Pinterest board was filled with very serene settings, with a little boho and a lot of modern. In this project, I wanted to make sure I created moments that when you walked outside the door you could envision the scenery. I wanted to emphasize creating a seating arrangement that had a fire pit for romantic nights with her significant other or relaxing for a movie night with her kids. Also, creating a conversation nook where friends could stop by and have a quick cocktail without getting too relaxed. She always dreamed of having a rooftop and when life feels busy and stressful, she wanted that oasis to keep things in perspective.

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