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This client came to me with lots of light-colored inspiration with a current couch that was large and dark charcoal. There was one inspiration picture she loved and wanted to mimic, which required getting a new, lighter couch. The rug was the most important piece she wanted incorporated, since this space is multi-function in their family. I chose this rug because the tones would do exactly what she was looking for. It would brighten up the room compared to what she had previously and mock the inspiration she had sent me, with a slight boho vibe. This client's home had a lot of classic, slightly traditional elements and the next space over was her kitchen in the form of an open concept. I had to figure out a way to keep it connected but still incorporate that boho-like vibe she wanted to go for. What an end result! Going with a lighter rug, a smaller, lighter couch and some classic leather accent chairs for depth was the right way to go. Side note, it was a bonus she already owned one of the chairs!

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