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Home For the Holidays: With Birch Lane

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

With all that has gone down in 2020 thus far, being home is more comforting now than ever. The holiday season is a magical time of year and a time where family and friends come together to celebrate. I realize this year that may not be the case for some but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the season one way or another.

I was so excited to collaborate with Birch Lane to showcase my favorite dining room picks this season. In light of everything going on, this has been a fun project to work on!

I was asked to pick some of my favorite dining room pieces, for a holiday dining room refresh campaign. Let's talk about design tips, decor and why I chose these pieces.

1. Lighting: A bold chandelier. Every room has a focal point, a piece that will draw your eye toward it. In a dining space, a bold chandelier is a subtle, yet effective design recipe to accomplish just that. A single chandelier will stand out and draw the eye inward. This Sathvik Tiered Chandelier is a gorgeous piece that really sets the mood of this space, which is classy and inviting.

2. Dining Table: Having a bold chandelier can carry a lot of visual weight in the room, so you want to make sure any other pieces don’t compete with that. This Earp Dining Table is here to make a statement but the neutral, grounded tone takes a back seat against the more chic look of the chandelier. I am obsessed a wood and concrete look, however, the durability of this table is something to talk about.

3. Seating: Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable place to sit down and enjoy a meal. And now, some of us are doubling our dining space as an office so comfortability is huge. Not every dining chair has to be luxurious or upholstered but you don’t want a seating arrangement that you can’t get comfortable in for the amount of time you will be there. The Parsons Chair is a perfect, neutral addition with back support and a comfortable seat. Better yet, they come in a set of two!

4. Sideboard: Storage to me is incredibly important in a dining space because you want to be able to stay organized and hassle-free, especially during the holidays. Most of us host certain meals in a dining room vs a breakfast nook, with holiday meals being at the top of that list. I chose the CiaoBella Buffet Table because I love that it has tons of hidden storage and the size of the piece is a perfect compliment to the large dining table. If you are adding a buffet or sideboard, you don’t want it to be too small where it may look like it doesn’t belong. You want it to be an addition to the space. To complete the look, I complimented it with this Antique Silver Mirror which reflects the gorgeous space and will bounce light around the room from surrounding windows.

5. Rug and Flooring: I am still swooning over this Tennison Power Loom Rug! I love this rug because it adds such a subtle pop of color and the olive tone brings in some warmth. Rugs pull a room together so it is important you are choosing one that either compliments the pieces you have in the space or adds in dimension that you didn’t have there before. If you have carpet in your dining space, layering a rug can be totally fine as long as it doesn’t compete with the undertones in your carpet. If you have hardwood or laminate floors, adding a rug can create dimension and really compliment the space.

6. Decor: We all love holiday decor. We love it so much we decorate two months before the actual holiday and feel empty when it all gets taken down. Bringing the holiday into your dining room is as easy as it seems and it doesn’t have to be “over the top” to make a statement. It can be done in three simple steps:

  • Add a tree (whether faux or real) into the corner of your space. This will keep it out of the way for daily activity but will create a moment in the space.

  • Add a holiday centerpiece to the table. I chose the Frosted Pinecone Centerpiece because I love the mixed greenery and the frosted look, however, the faux-birch base really got me. I like to have a centerpiece that adds to the natural aesthetic of the room while also being festive enough for the holiday season.

  • Use small decorative accents to finish the look. These Reindeer Figurines add a cute, little moment to the buffet table without crowding it. Also, it's a bonus this one comes in a set of six, what a steal! Items like plates, napkins, napkin rings, etc can finish off the table in a festive way and I have chosen some that really meshed with the look of this space.

I hope this got you even more excited for the holiday season and most of you are able to celebrate it with friends and family, despite the pandemic.

As always, stay safe!

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