Growing up, I never understood why I could never figure out my “style.” Whether it was fashion, design, education, you name it – I was a chic business woman one day and a fitness fanatic the next. However, my passion for home decor was constant – until it wasn’t. I began to notice that when I was designing my spaces, I was never satisfied. I constantly changed things around, switched things up or ended up “re-doing” the entire concept. Self-realization hit me straight in the face. I realized that I don’t have a particular “style,” I have many combined into one single person – me. 

I’m Nicole Charette.


And then there was Cozy Meets Classy – my way of proving to you that you can combine multiple design concepts into one aesthetic. How? By using your passion, your inspo and your vibe. Personality shines through a design concept. It shines the moment you walk in the door of your home after a long day and you can sit back and say “wow, this is exactly where I want to be.” Home.

Some of us are forced to work with what we have in order to create the space we want – others may have a blank slate. Either way, the beauty is in the details and the small details create the bigger picture. I want to show you that interior design is more than just “decorating.” I want the takeaway to be personal.