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2020 Interior Design Trends: A Look Back at the Year

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Each year we get a "fresh start." With that fresh start is progression. We use our experiences and what we've learned and adapted to in order to grow. Interior design is an endless world of possibilities, one that also progresses and starts fresh year after year. One that utilizes and incorporates the past to promote growth.

Each year we see design trends come and go. However, some stay with us for years because they adopt small principles that keep the design trend timeless. Let's take a look at some of the interior design trends that floated around in 2020.

Colors became a new neutral.

Initially incorporating color can be daunting. Wall color and decor isn't the only way to bring color into a home. Tiles and cabinetry are a good opportunity to bring in that vibe and if you do it right, it looks natural.

Warm neutrals.

By now, I know you understand the importance of being comfortable in your own home since that's where 2020 pretty much took place. A warm, neutral color palette is always welcoming and one that will stay with us for years to come. There is something about the vibe that makes

you want to spend all your time there. Soft grays, taupes, beige and browns, creams, blush shades - they all made a statement in 2020.

Unhung and leaning artwork.

Unhung artwork is a casual way to style your space and one that has been adopted in many homes today. When artwork isn't perfectly hung, the room feels more collected than styled.

With such a relaxed, casual feel, I anticipate this trend continuing into 2021.

Bold paint colors.

Nothing is more uplifting than a bold and vibrant shade. Not only do bold colors tend to ground a space but they bring a positive, fun environment. They make you want to be there, be in the moment. Going through 2020, being in the moment despite all of the uncertainty

got us through the toughest year many of us will ever have.

Bold prints and trendy wallpaper.

Eye-catching patterns and prints bring an artistic vibe to a space. A lot of homes or spaces we see can sometimes be similar in nature or we feel like we've "seen that

before." Bold prints give off a distinct and unique look making a space more substantial, making you to go in for that second glance. The prints you don't see anywhere else make them even more timeless.

Antique decor.

No longer that of the past, antique decor made its way into 2020 and it made an impact. Subtle decor added

to shelving or a console table were a popular way to pull it into your home. Also, you can't forget about large ornate floor mirrors that have made a statement focal point in many entryways and living spaces in 2020.


Let's face it, storage techniques weren't invented or started in 2020. However, thanks to The Home Edit, I think many of us have made big changes in the way we organize many parts of our home.

From pantry organization, to labeling, to the many that I have seen create storage under their stairway, this one's for you. These savvy solutions will remain a popular trend for small space owners and renters but spending more time at home has caused even more of us to purge and organize.

At last, we have the highly trending home office.

I don't think I have to do much explaining with this one as I am sure we all felt the pressure to incorporate a home office into the works in 2020. We have relied on video conferencing all year and having a nice backdrop on calls doesn't hurt. Aside from that, just being in a space you could separate yourself and get work done was important for our mental health. 2021 will continue to see a lot of this.

Projected trends for 2021: extending the indoors outdoors, incorporating green solutions, making tiling larger, black kitchens, vintage and earthy, grounded shades. I'm excited to see what will come of this year.

With all of that being said, trends don't mean your home needs to change. Trends are a part of growth. Incorporating new elements with the old is a good way to keep up with the latest and also give your home personality with a fresh start.

Cheers to a new year,

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