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Christmas Eve: Pandemic Style

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

ONE MORE SLEEP! Does it feel like Christmas is tomorrow? Because it hasn't hit me yet, although I'm trying to get in the spirit over here!

Today I'm reflecting.

Sometimes I miss being a kid and everything that comes with Santa. It made Christmas Eve that much more exciting, am I right? My brother and I would do so much as kids! I remember one year we even tried to reenact the scene from Polar Express where they were singing on the train. We would make reindeer food, put out cookies for Santa and be up all night "waiting." As we got older and the Santa phase was over, we still got excited to snoop around the house for gifts that my parents would hide. Fast forward to now, I get more excited about the food and decorating the house. I enjoy giving more than receiving gifts. Ha, how times have changed! Nothing beats the feeling of having the Christmas tree lit, good food, cuddling up in a cozy blanket and watching Christmas movies. What a mood.

Although, now that I'm older, I realize how lucky my brother and I were to have parents who pulled off this night EVERY year. They made us feel so special on Christmas morning, even if it meant waking them up at the crack of dawn just to open presents. Waking up Christmas morning and immediately going to check the presents under the tree was a beautiful moment as a kid and one that we looked forward to every single year. Today and tomorrow begin new traditions! With the pandemic, I'm not going home to see my family as I usually would. It's just my boyfriend and I this year but we are going to make the most of it! The tree is lit, the presents are ready and we got food on deck. I made him agree that we would watch Christmas movies tonight, otherwise I'd get stuck with ESPN.

A lot of us are seeing the holiday season in a different light this year. Some of us are in a tough financial situation and can't afford the perfect Christmas. Some of us can't see our families. Some of us have been so stressed out, we haven't been able to enjoy the holiday season as we should. Some of us lost our jobs and some of us relocated. Some of us are feeling alone. Just remember, you're never alone. We are all going through it in different ways, some worse than others. Don't lose the holiday spirit and keep thinking positive! It can be something that can be so uplifting during these hard times. There is always an upside, even if it doesn't feel like it. We can get through this together.

Smile! It looks good on you.

Merry Christmas Eve,

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