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Interior Design Trends Change: Where do I Find My Inspiration?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Let's face it, interior design possibilities are endless. Trends come and go. It's important to me to stay up-to-date with these trends, so I can continue to broaden my knowledge and my skills. But, where do I find the inspiration?

With several industries constantly evolving, where do we notice it first? Through TV, social media, magazines - it's everywhere. Great design may be inspired by trends but those trends begin with history, psychology and anthropology. Instagram and Pinterest are two great places to see visually pleasing content. I like to see where other designers are getting their inspiration, whether that be through traveling, books or nature. I do a lot of my own research after seeing new inspiration. If I'm getting my inspiration from social media, then my clients are most likely doing the same. Therefore, I like to stay ahead of myself.

Where else are colors, textures and patterns constantly changing? Through fashion. While a lot of fashion trends on the runway never make its way to real life, it's interesting to see the imagination and inspiration behind some of it. Every mood board or color palette can begin with a moment in fashion and can also steer your mind in a different direction that is beyond what you would see in the interior design world. Fashion is a world of its own.

The places I visit also play a big role. I don't have to visit the Eiffel Tower to find inspiration in design. I live in a town north of Boston so I don't have to drive that far for it and some of it takes place in my small town. Several buildings, restaurants or coffee shops have their own inspiration and it isn't always major. I notice the lighting, the space planning, the decor, the vibes or the color palette. The little things that pull the space together is really what make it what it is.

That being said, traveling is on the list. Traveling gives you the best of both worlds. You get to visit a new place, maybe cross of your bucket-list and you also find a ton of new inspiration. I like to take it all in when I travel because I don't do it often, which is definitely on my list to do more of.

Last but not least, nature. You can see a whole color palette that would have never occurred to you otherwise through a simple walk in the park. Nature has a mix of every element. Depending on where you live, those elements change. There is geometry in mountains, texture on a beach, a line where the sky meets the ground, different hues during sunset and sunrise, vibrancy when the leaves change color, dimension in an outdoor garden, as you can see the list goes on and on. Nature is abundant. Especially now when we still can't do much, get outside and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. You will find a lot of inspiration there.

Happy Friday,

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