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Light vs Dark Interior: Which One is More YOU?

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Do you find yourself having a hard time choosing a paint color? Do you want to lean toward the moody vibe but are afraid it will look like a cave? Or do you simply love a clean, serene look all year round?

How to go to the dark side without overpowering the room:

  • Go bold on one wall! This will allow you to bring in the moody color palette you want while keeping it light and airy on the surrounding walls.

  • Dark gray walls? Jazz up the room with bold textures like jute and velvet. Gray won’t feel so blah.

  • Do you want to go dark in the dining room? Utilize the furniture to incorporate light-colored fabrics and shiny metals, keeping the formal vibe but a moody one.

  • Want to go dark in a small room? Utilize the walls by adding a gallery wall or bookshelves to give the illusion of more space. These pieces will also add a contrasting color to the walls. Adding in pieces with glass, like a table with a glass top or mirrors, will also give the illusion of a larger space.

  • Use florals to brighten a room. Add a vase on a nightstand, kitchen counter, end table, coffee table, etc to balance out the moody, masculine vibe of a dark space.

  • If you have dark furniture, keep the walls light to create the perfect contrast.

  • To offset a dark wall color, use lighter fabrics in furniture and drapery. This will illuminate the room so it doesn’t feel like a drag.

  • If you are going dark with paint color, be sure to avoid drapery like black-out curtains that will make the room look darker, preventing light from coming into the space. Have no windows in the space but still want to go dark? Furnish the room with light-colored fabrics.

  • Add pops of color with pillows and decor. Pops of color help bring your eye around the room and they are fun to play with in a space!

  • Use your personality to define the space. If you aren’t normally one to go dark and moody but want to try it out, use your personality to brighten the space in the surrounding elements of the room (furniture, decor, etc).

If you are hesitant with trying out a dark, moody color, test it out first in a small space (like a guest bathroom or laundry room). It will allow you to get used to the color and break out of your comfort zone. If you end up loving it, go all out!

How to go light and bright in your home:

  • Use the outdoors as your muse. If you live near a beach, bring in the seaside feel with whites, beige tones and hints of blue. If you live in a woodsy area but don’t want to go with a moody vibe, keep the walls light and add pops of color like an emerald green or rusty orange within your decor. If you live in the city, keep your space light with whites and light grays and add in some bold textures to give it some glam.

  • Utilize your windows. Draw attention to the windows by painting the trim or adding mirrors to bounce the light around the room.

  • In a windowless room, add a light and bright color to give the space a subtle glow.

  • Go light with your furniture and decor. Decorate around an ivory or white couch with similar colors to keep the aesthetic neutral and serene.

  • Don’t overlook the floors! Do you have carpet all around your home? Layer a rug on top to bring in some color contrast to the muted flooring. Do you have dark wood floors but want a light color palette? Find a light-colored rug that compliments the flooring to brighten up the space.

  • Use drapery the right way. If you don’t have a ton of windows, avoid using blackout curtains that will stop light from coming through. Go with a sheer panel that will compliment the natural light.

Do some research before going all in.


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